Referring Doctors

Every surgery leaves a scar, irrespective of the Surgeon's skill and attention to detail. As a result, at Dermink we work hand in hand with leading Dermatologists and Surgeons in a collaborative partnership.

From time to time, you may have patients who wish to minimise their post surgical scarring or fail to respond to traditional laser treatments. You may also have patients who suffer from Stretchmarks, Vitiligo, or other skin conditions including hyper or hypo-pigmented skin. We can assist you by providing individually tailored treatment for your patients under your direction adding a new and unique element to the established services that you offer.

In addition, with the exponential growth of cosmetic procedures patients increasingly have an interest in enhancing their outward appearance as well as attending to their physical health needs. From the camouflage of an embarrassing scar to the permanent cosmetic enhancement of their eyebrows, patients will turn to you to direct them to a medically trained professional for safe and effective treatment.

Procedures are performed in medical offices located in London and San Francisco using prescription topical anaesthesia and non-invasive techniques. In most cases results can be seen immediately following treatment and can last from between 2-10 years on average, depending on the age and skin type of an individual.

Many Surgeons and Dermatologists in both private and public practices as well as leading teaching hospitals across the country have made use of Dermink's services as an adjunct to rhytidectomies, endoscopic brow lifts, liposuction, body lifts, dermal micropigmentation, brachioplasties, reduction mammoplasties, abdominoplasties or following breast reconstruction for the areola/nipple complex.

We receive referrals from prominent Plastic Surgeons, Cosmetic Surgeons, General Surgeons and Dermatologists. including Stanford Derm‚ Surgery Department, Stanford University, Palo Alto Medical Foundation (PAMF), Sutter and El Camino Hospitals.

By adding micropigmentation post-operatively into the overall cost of the cosmetic procedure, patients' anxieties about visible scarring can be significantly diminished, helping to restore self-confidence and divert attention away from a problematic skin condition or scarring.