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These promotions cannot be combined with any other discounts or promotions.

In some instances a Doctor's referral may be required before treatment may commence.

HCG Weight Loss

Lose up to 1 lb of unwanted fat per day with our amazing HCG weight loss program!

Come and find out how you can lose up to 1 lb of unwanted fat per day! Make it your new year's resolution to lose that weight quickly and safely and to keep it off. We will help you live the healthy lifestyle you deserve.

Special for limited time: $300 off the HCG weight loss 40 day program. Call for details.

Vaser® Shape Body Contouring formerly MC1 MedContour

Our special limited introductory price: Package of 5 treatments starting at $2000.

Huge Sale on ZERONA™

Lose 3-9 inches in just 2 weeks with ZERONA™ Non-Invasive Body Slimming ZERO Pain, ZERO Surgery, ZERO Downtime

Special promotional offer: $1999 for a series of 6 ZERONA laser treatments (Regular $3500)

Limited time offer: receive an additional 3 treatments for free! ($1750 value!)

Get super results with our combined Zerona and HCG weight loss program!
Only $2499 for 9 treatments of Zerona and 40 days of the HCG program. Cannot be combined with any other discount or promotions.

Other Specials

30% off All Obagi Products In Stock!

Obagi Nuderm System
Obagi Professional-C Serum (5%, 10%, 15%, 20%)
Obagi Clenziderm (Acne products)

Latisse Eyelash product:

* 20% off! Regular: $140 each, SALE: $112 each plus receive FREE Vivite®

Vibrance Therapy (a $119 value) by mail, expire on 10/1/2010 or $20 mail in rebate through LashPerks Program at

* Buy 2 at regular price & Get 1 FREE LATISSE ($93.33 each after discount)

Laser Liposuction:

$1000 off each area! Special discounts for multiple areas.

All Fillers:

Restylane®-L $550 for the first syringe/1ml, $350 each additional syringe. (Regular $650/syringe)
Radiesse® $650 for the first syringe/1.5ml, $350 each additional syringe. (Regular $700/syringe)
Juvederm® XC $600 for the first syringe/1ml, $350 each additional syringe. (Regular $750/syringe)

Fraxel® / Matrix RF: $800/treatment (Regular $1200/treatment).

Thermage® CPT (Non-Invasive Skin Tightening and Contouring) Single treatment with no injections & no downtime.

$1500 for Eyes Only (Regular $2000/treatment)
$3000 for Face and Neck package (Regular $3500/treatment)
$3500 for Face, Neck and 1 Free syringe of Filler (Regular $4150/treatment)
$3500 for Face, Neck and Eyes package (Regular $5500/treatment)

Hair Transplant - NeoGraft:

Limited time offer: $5/graft (Regular $10-$12/graft).
Each graft has 1-4 hairs, average 2.2 hairs/graft. Most men need about 1500 grafts.

LiteCure - Deep Tissue Laser Therapy:

$8-$10/min (Regular $15/min). Package discount available.
Usually, 1 area will take about 5-15min, depending on size. So each treatment session will usually cost around $100.

Laser Hair Removal

Please visit Serenity's website for further details.

  • Upper lip
  • Chin
  • Upper lip and Chin
  • Between eyebrows
  • Sideburns/Cheeks
  • Full Face
  • Beard
  • Breast/Areolas
  • Shoulders
  • Chest (men)
  • Chest (women)
  • Abdomen (men)
  • Abdomen (women)
  • Chest and Abdomen
  • Upper Back
  • Lower Back
  • Upper and Lower Back
  • Full Back and Shoulders
  • Buttocks
  • Perianal
  • Buttocks and Perianal
  • Men’s Genitalia
  • Anterior neck
  • Posterior neck
  • Anterior and posterior neck
  • Traditional Bikini
  • Full Bikini
  • Under Arms
  • Upper Arms/Deltoid
  • Lower Arms & Hands
  • Full Arms & Hands
  • Upper Legs & Knees
  • Lower Legs & Knees
  • Full Legs & Feet

Please note: The above promotions may be subject to change without prior notice or may not be available at all times. For the latest details regarding all promotions please click here.